Private Money Loans

This type of financing is between a borrower and a private individual or individuals and secured by real property. The most important factor in this type of loan is equity. We rarely fund a loan for more than 65% of the real estate value. A borrower seeking this type of loan may not qualify for any other type of loan because of credit issues or inability to provide standard income documentation.

We can fund loans privately that are secured by single family homes, commercial property, or for construction of single family home or commercial property. We can also fund all other types of Real Estate. This reale estate can be occupied by owner but it is not a requirement. The private lender is not restricted by the rules associated with federally related loans. Interest rates can vary from 8% to over 12% in some cases, however we are very competitive when compared to other private money lenders.

All of the private money loans we fund are fixed rate loans. Many times a borrower with good credit and ability to provide standard income documents need money quickly and private money might be the only way to get money in 1 to 2 weeks. Most federally related loans would take a minimum of 30 days. After funding this type of loan, we will also service/collect payments from the borrower.
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